Lori Michaels Talks Danielle Staub Relationship Exclusive

So Close To Danielle?

Although she’s been off of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a few years now, there still seems to be public interest in the polarizing Danielle Staub. One of the things people have never understood is whether or not Staub was in a relationship with singer-songwriter Lori Michaels. We recently caught up with Michaels, and she dished on her relationship with Staub.

Lori Michaels Talks Danielle Staub Relationship Exclusive

While Michaels said that she is not close with Staub anymore, she revealed that the relationship the pair had was not a publicity stunt.

I can tell you right now it wasn’t intentional,” Michaels explained. “If I recall how it started, I met her backstage when I was performing at Nokia Theater for some Pride event. Honestly at that time I wasn’t a fan of the show I didn’t know who she was. Took a picture with her she was super nice. Kind of forgot about it then a couple months later I was working on a music video for the marriage equality campaign.”

“I was at a diner to wind down the project a little bit and Danielle was there,” Michaels continued. “I thought she wouldn’t remember me but she said ‘Hi, Lori Michaels.’ Her girls were there and she introduced me to both of them. I gave her my number and my card and said get in touch with me for her daughter, I didn’t think anything of it. Shortly after she contacted me about helping her daughter Jillian.”

Next, Michaels addressed the duo’s song, Real Close. She explained that, “She was into my music much more than I imagined… we talked about working together, I thought a girl and girl duet would be a great idea. The network and Andy thought it was a great idea so we decided to debut it on WWHL. From there it kind of spiraled into this whole other world for both of us professionally and personally.”

On the time the pair spent together, Michaels revealed that, “It was exciting, it was frustrating. It was a melting pot of a lot of things going on with her, her family, the chaos. She kind of appointed me not only as her music manager but her manager. So I was the person from her publicist to her booking agent, I was the person that was out front for her but I was also trying to protect her. At that time, people were really mean. I saw first hand how far people would go to try and hurt her and hurt her kids… I had all these roles, I felt like a husband, I felt like a wife, a girlfriend, a manager, a bodyguard.”

Check back tomorrow when Michaels clarifies more about the pair’s relationship.

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