Teresa Giudice RHONJ Return Likely To Happen

Teresa Giudice RHONJ


Returning Or Not?

Reports surfaced yesterday claiming that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice may not be allowed to return to the show due to the fact that her probation officer will have to sign off on it. This morning, we spoke to an exclusive source who gave more information on Giudice’s return. So what’s going on?

Teresa Giudice RHONJ Return Likely To Happen

“It is true that her probation officer would have to sign off on a return,” the insider close to the situation informed us.

However,” they continued, “it is extremely likely Teresa’s probation officer will sign off on her return.”

Why would this be likely?

Our insider dished that, “Teresa’s primary source of income is being on the show. Since she can demonstrate that, they would likely sign off to allow her back on, due to the fact that she needs to be able to sustain herself when leaving prison.”

“While nothing is set in stone yet,” our source wrapped with telling us, “I would bet that you will be hearing sooner than later that Teresa will be back on the show.”

We will definitely keep you posted with any and all updates as they become available.

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