Lori Michaels Danielle Staub Relationship Part 2

Love For Real?

Yesterday, we featured the first part of our interview with Lori Michaels about Danielle Staub. In the second part below, Michaels dishes more on her relationship with Staub and clarifies what they would have to say about it if hooked up to a lie detector test.

Lori Michaels Danielle Staub Relationship Part 2

“I’ve heard through the grapevine that she refuses to work with me both off camera or on camera,” Michaels tells us of today. ” I don’t know if she can’t take it personally or what… Professionally she must think I’m horrible or personally she must think I’m terrible. But, ya know, Danielle can do what she wants to do.”

Next we got to the million dollar question- did the pair actually have a romantic relationship, as this was something Staub denied on Watch What Happens Live?

Michaels stated that, “Maybe one day we’ll talk again and it’ll be a different story, but I- I don’t know why she said that. I don’t know… Whatever was in that moment for her, she came out with it.”

If we were together and you put a lie detector and asked us if we were ever together, I think both of us would have to say yes or else the thing would show we were lying,” Michaels revealed. “Unless she’s that good that she could beat a lie detector. I don’t know. Trust me, I wouldn’t be surprised because she does a lot of- she pulls a lot of tricks out of that bag. Maybe that’s one of hers as well.”

Michaels wrapped with telling us that, “We never defined the relationship and that was at the end of it for us… Love is a complicated thing. We had a lot of love fore at other, but there were kids involved. There were people that were hurting her. There were people helping her. It was just… all around us for 24 hours every day.”

We really appreciated Michaels taking the time to speak with us so candidly about this.

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