Katilyn Bristowe Bachelorette Doing Things Her Way

Controlling Her Reality?

While many reality stars generally have to go with the flow and let production run the show, a new article in Life and Style Magazine claims that The Bachelorette star Katilyn Bristowe is running the show herself. Want details?

Katilyn Bristowe Bachelorette Doing Things Her Way

A friend of Bristowe’s dished to the magazine that, “Kaitlyn’s such a free spirit, so being told by the producers how to act and what to do wasn’t going to work out.”

“She only has five or six weeks to get to know who could potentially be her husband,” the friend continued, “so if she wants to kiss someone, she’s going to kiss someone.”

What else is Bristowe doing that aligns with her calling the shots as opposed to production doing so/doing what she is “supposed to do?”

Her friend dished that, “Kaitlyn’s sending guys home whenever she wants to. She’s not waiting to bot people during rose ceremonies!

In addition, when Nick Viall– who was rejected by former Bachelorette Andi Dofrman– showed up, production allegedly expected Bristowe to turn him away- but she didn’t’!

“She knew she was supposed to tell him not to stay because it would be unfair to the others,” her friend explained, “but she liked him, so she wasn’t going to pass that up.”

Bristowe’s friend wrapped with claiming that, “She’s a smart girl and this is her life, so she wasn’t afraid to make changes to the rules and stand up for herself.”

Tell us- what are your thoughts on what Bristowe has done so far on the show? Do you think she’s breaking the rules or do you think production likes that she’s doing some atypical things? Sound off in the comments below.


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