Duggar Scandal Attempted Recovery Exclusive

Duggar Scandal



While we exclusively revealed a few weeks ago that the Duggar family were in damage control mode after the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, we now can exclusively reveal some ways in which Jim BobMichelle, and the rest of the Duggars are trying to move forward. Want details?

Duggar Scandal Attempted Recovery Exclusive

A source exclusively dished to us that, “The Duggars are trying hard to recover from the scandal being outed and move on.”

How are they doing this?

“If you pay attention to their Facebook page,” the insider continued,” you will notice that they are posting lots of family photos that are attempting to make their family look like the idealistic one they portrayed on TV.”

“In addition,” the source continued, “they have also been banning negative commenters from their Facebook page in an attempt to control their image.”

The insider wrapped with telling us that, “They are hopeful that people will start to move past the scandal that was outed, and view them again as the loving, close knit family that they have portrayed on television.”

Tell us- do you think their plan is going to work? Sound off in the comments below.

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