Heather Durbow Wants Apology From Star Magazine

Heather Dubrow


Apology Anticipated?

We recently covered how Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow‘s husband, Terry, called out Star Magazine for a false report about their daughter. In the article, we mentioned how the magazine had taken down the article. That did not, however, stop them from running the story in the print version of their magazine this past Friday. Heather appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night and claimed she wants the magazine to apologize.

Heather Durbow Wants Apology From Star Magazine

Specifically, Heather said, “Yeah, this came out in Star magazine. First of all, it came out on Star.com. Terry and I tweeted about the fact that it was not a true story. No one fact checked. No one called us. They took the story down. And as I was landing in New York last night… I opened Star magazine and there’s an article there.”

She added that, First of all, my daughter’s 12 not 8. Second of all, it is so unconscionable, across the line, to take kids and put them in these situations. I’m sorry. They have just really it’s the lowest of the low.”

She wrapped with saying that, “I actually really do expect an retraction and apology from Star magazine.”

Tell us- do you think Heather will get the apology she’s seeking? Sound off in the comments below.

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