Carla Facciolo Mob Wives Return Exclusive

She’s Back!

Although fan favorite Carla Facciolo was absent for the fourth season of Mob Wives, she did make a cameo appearance for the fifth season which had fans hoping she’d be back for good. Well, Carla fans, the time has come to rejoice. What do we mean?

Carla Facciolo Mob Wives Return Exclusive

We are thrilled to exclusively reveal that Facciolo will be returning to the show as a full time cast member for the sixth season of the show!

“Carla is definitely back,” an insider exclusively dished to us.

“If you’ve been monitoring social media,” they continued, “you’ll likely notice that Carla has been in many photos with the wives, some of them even hash tagged with ‘Mob Wives.'”

The source wrapped with telling us that, “The fans clearly missed Carla and the network heard them loud and clear. This is going to be a good season, especially with Carla back full time.”

Tell us- are you excited to see Facciolo back on the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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