Taylor Armstrong 2015 Makes Her Happy


Overcoming Tragedy

The tragic happenings in former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong‘s life were well documented. Her husband at the time, Russell Armstrong, sadly took his own life just days before the premiere of the Bravo show’s second season. Now Taylor is opening up about her struggles and time on the show to Oprah: Where Are They Now – Extra.

Taylor Armstrong Shares Struggles and Strength

During the seasons that Taylor was on the show, she claims that she “didn’t get to be myself… I was just a shadow of a human being.“While filming, she said that there was abuse at home with her husband, as well as plenty of parenting clashes, which prevented her true, fun side from showing. “I wish that people could see how much I love to laugh and how much fun I love to have, and that I have my own opinions,” she stated.

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That is all different for Taylor now, as she finds herself in a much healthier place in life. Taylor claims that “all of the things I [was] holding inside during those years are back.”

Taylor has since remarried and is much happier. She said, “I laugh as loud as I want to now, I don’t ever keep my words to myself.” Taylor continues, “I get to be exactly who I want to be. Every day.”

And what did this all teach Taylor? “I’ve come to realize that I deserve to be respected and cherished and loved,” she stated. “That’s the most valuable lesson I could have learned.”

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