Caitlyn Jenner Gay Pride Dines With Trans Women

Caitlyn Jenner Gay Pride


A Proud Lady!

For the first time ever, Caitlyn Jenner visited New York City for the Gay Pride festivities this past weekend. What did she do while there?

Caitlyn Jenner Gay Pride Dines With Trans Women

From videos that surfaced online, Jenner visited a bar, causing the crowd there to erupt with cheers, and hung out for a bit.

Jenner also took to her social media to share the photo (above) where she had dinner with a group of Trans women.

She wrote, “Such a fun dinner in NYC w/ this powerful group of trans women. They are all so beautiful. Gender Proud Candis Cayne.”

We are happy to see Jenner- who recently came into her own– so happy and proud!

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