Monks of Mellonwah Disconnect Review

The band Monks of Mellonwah are a neat Australian pop quartet that toured the USA last year, supporting Scott Stapp from Creed and Sevendust. Now, they are preparing to release a new EP this coming August that we were able to exclusively get an early listen to. How is the EP and is it worth checking out?

Monks of Mellonwah Sonic Circus Review

The EP, which has the awesome title of “Disconnect,” opens with the track “Never Been Good.” As soon as the lead singer Vikram Kaushik began signing, “I’m not a serious kind of person, hardly working, it’s a sonic circus,” I was hooked. Kaushik has a great voice that can stand with the likes of many pop rock acts today, including The Neighbourhood, which is who I was immediately reminded of.
“Even When It Burns” is the next song and the lead single from the 7-track EP. The song  has a spacy/airy kind of feel to it that is complimented well by the drums and Kaushik’s vocals. While I liked the predecessor better, as it had a faster feel to it, this song definitely is hooky as well. The only complaint I had with it is that sometimes the lyrics were a bit hard to decipher, but that may have been a stylistic choice by the band. You can check out this song exclusively here.
“Show Me Something More,” which appears next, truly showcases the range on Kaushik’s voice and truly has me convinced that if this band gets some radio play, they will be huge. I particularly liked the piano that the band used here, which was again well complimented by the guitar and the drums. In addition, the thought provokingt lyrics kept my interest, especially when Kaushik intelligently questioned, “I wonder why we’re happy wasting time?”
“Look At Me,” which appears later on the EP, changes things a little stylistically and has a bit of a Maroon 5 sound. Again, the thing that truly shines is Kaushik’s voice, and making a comparison to Adam Levine here would not be unwarranted. The lyrics were also emotionally driven again, especially when they opened with, “I feel alive when you look at me.”
Other songs featured on the EP are the piano-driven “Disconnect,” and the chilling closer “Feel It Coming,” which asks, “Can you feel it in your bones that someday the end is coming?”
Overall, with “Disconnect,” Monks of Mellonwah showcase their talent and prove they are a band that deserves to be heard. I would highly recommend picking up their EP when it drops this August. If you are a fan of Maroon 5, The Neighbourhood, or any other modern, good pop-rock music, you will surely not be disappointed.
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