Nick de la Hoyde By My Side Review

Nick de la Hoyde is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. What makes de la Hoyde stand out is that not only can he sing and write well, but he also has on point rap skills.

Nick de la Hoyde By My Side Review

He recently debuted lead single “By My Side” from his EP “Passion,” which gets released tomorrow. How does the single, which recently premiered on, stand up in comparison to things that are on the radio?

The good news for de la Hoyde is that it is immediately clear from the second the track starts that he has vocal talent and knows how to write a hooky chorus. The song opens with de la Hoyde singing, “And it’s you that makes me feel alright, and it’s you that’s always by my side, and it’s you I can’t just leave you far away.” His voice has a pop rock sound to it that would surely succeed on radio.

While it’s great that de la Hoyde can sing, the fact that he is also branding himself as a rapper begs one to ask the question of can he rap? The answer is a resounding yes. His rap skills are on point and sound similar to Fort Minor and Gym Class Heroes. I especially liked the second verse, where he spit the lyrics, “I never been about a fame, been about a lifestyle, been about a game, I been about a large smile i wanna put it on everybody’s faces, I wanna see them smile back when the bass hits.”

By the end of the song, I had it stuck in my head, which means that de la Hoyde accomplished the goal of making a good single. He is definitely an up and coming talent that I will be watching out for more from, an I am excited to hear the EP when it drops tomorrow.

For now, check out de la Hoyde’s single, “By My Side,” here.

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