Shannon Beador Davids Mistress Quits Facebook Exclusive

Shannon Beador Davids Mistress


Nervous Nellie?

Recently, we revealed five more clues about Real Housewives of Orange County husband David Beador‘s alleged mistress. In the wake of these five additional clues, the alleged mistress whom David cheated on wife Shannon with has departed social media we can exclusively reveal! Want details?

Shannon Beador Davids Mistress Quits Facebook Exclusive

Upon doing some digging, we have learned that the alleged mistress has left Facebook and Instagram!

While this could simply be coincidental, it would appear to us that she is a bit nervous about being exposed and doesn’t want to get attacked on social media.

We will keep you posted and hope to share with you soon who the alleged mistress is.

In addition to the five additional clues we revealed last week, we had five other clues we had previously released.

Stay tuned for more developments in this story.

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