Farrah Abraham Interview I Dont Sugarcoat Anything Exclusive

Farrah Abraham


Keeping It Real!

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham had divulged earlier this year that she thought the show was lacking with her. We recently got the chance to catch up with her for this two part exclusive interview. In the first part below, we talked Abraham’s return to the show, her relationship with her fellow cast mates, and more!

Farrah Abraham Interview I Dont Sugarcoat Anything Exclusive

When asked what it was like returning to Teen Mom this season, Abraham revealed that, “It was a very interesting season. We’re all in a different place now, no longer teen moms but still young mothers. I wanted to give my fans an exclusive look into my crazy life.”

“I juggle the role of being a single mother to my daughter Sophia and a traveling business woman with many collaborations and ventures on the way,” Abraham continued. “There’s always a ton of action in my life

Watching this season showed a lot of drama between Abraham and her cast mates. We asked her why she thinks they’re so hard on her.

I definitely have a strong personality and as everybody knows I speak my mind,” Abraham revealed.

“Sometimes the girls don’t like what I have to say because it’s too ‘real’ or in their face but at the end of the day they know my word means something,” she continued explaining. “I don’t sugar coat anything. I was taught to never bite my tongue. Love it or hate it, I’m me.”

“As fans got to see at the end on the reunion , Maci apologized as well as Amber and Catelynn wanted a friendship moving forward,” Abraham detailed about where her relationships with the other girls stands now. “It’s hard for me to trust them and move forward after what they have said about me behind my back and they don’t understand my world but I am making an effort to still be in touch and hang out with them.”

With all of the stuff that went on this season, would Abraham want to still be on the show if it returns again?

“For sure!” she dished to us. “ Teen Mom OG is one of MTV’s most popular TV shows and it’s been such a exciting series to be a part of. Stay tuned to see if there will be a next season.”

Make sure to watch out for our second part of our interview with Abraham, where we talk about her wanting to be the host of Celebrity Apprentice, why things ended with Simon Saran, and more!

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