Tamra Judge RHOC Last Year Was Painful

Tamra Judge VickiWeathering The Storm!

Tamra Judge had a difficult season last year on the Real Housewives of Orange County. But as she said in her newest Bravo blog, there was an unfortunate reason for it and she is on the mend.

Tamra Will Find Her Happy Again

Tamra wrote,

“I THINK Stella is getting her groove¬†back? It’s just taking some time. The last year had been a long painful journey for me and coming back to the show and filming scared me. I really did feel like I had been hit by a truck and I was learning to function again. What most people didn’t know I was going through some really painful issues while filming (last year) and I was not allowed to talk about them on camera for legal reasons. My ex-husband put me and the children thorough a painful custody battle that lasted a year. A year of court dates, attorney fees, sleepless nights, scared children, therapy appointments, false media stories, lies, embarrassment, but most of all the worst pain I had ever felt.”

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Tamra added,

“These are memories that me and my children will never forget. This is pain that has changed each one of my kids in different ways. My two youngest kids are closer to me than ever. My oldest daughter has chosen to go live with her dad and every day without her is painful for me.”

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Tamra continued,

“The press can be extremely hurtful and most of the time cause unnecessary stress in your life. They called me¬†“monster mom, child abuser, unfit mother.” They said “my husband was leaving me, that I was fired from RHOC.” And none of it was true. The truth is the judge threw out the case without even hearing my testimony. There was NO evidence, NO witnesses and NO truth to any of it. Now I am left to pick up all the pieces and find my happy again.”

We’re certainly glad that Tamra is in a better place and that most of her trouble seems to be behind her. What do you think about the information Tamra shared? Let us know in the comments!

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