Penny Drossos Karagiorgis Teresa Needs To Stop Using Kids

Penny Drossos Karagiorgis


Exclusive- Penny Talks Teresa!

You all may remember Penny Drossos Karagiorgis from the fifth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While earlier this year she tweeted support for Teresa Giudice, she spoke exclusively to us today to tell us that she is not okay with Giudice using her children for attention. What exactly did she say?

Penny Drossos Karagiorgis Teresa Needs To Stop Using Kids

Karagiorgis told us, “As a mother, I feel for Teresa’s children; however, with that being said, I find her use of her children to stay relevant in the media pathetic.”

“From knowing her and being on the fifth season with her,” Karagiorgis continued, “I know how desperate she is to be the center of attention and the star of the show. She needs to realize, though, prison is not a reality show and she needs to do the time for the crime and then she can reemerge as fabulous as she once was.”

“For now, though,” Karagiorgis added, “she really should try a different approach of staying silent and not manipulating and using her children to garner public sympathy in her direction.”

Drossos ended with saying that, “I still have unsettled beef with Teresa, and when she emerges from prison, I would love to sit down with her and hash things out. Until then, I’ll continue to pray for her children.”

Tell us- what do you think about what Karagiorgis said? Do you agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to click the main image above to read some of Giudice’s prison diary entries!
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