Bobbi Kristina Death Photo Being Shopped

Crossing The Line!

We recently reported how Bobbi Kristina was put into hospice care after months of holding on to her life. Now, a new TMZ report claims an extended family member of Bobbi Kristina’s is trying to shop a picture of her on her deathbed n hospice care to multiple blogs!

Bobbi Kristina Death Photo Being Shopped

According to the report, TMZ was asked if they would be interested in the photo, but they decided to pass.

They revealed that in the picture, “a woman is standing over Bobbi Kristina.”

In addition, TMZ noted that, although they passed, there is some interest from other blogs and/or magazines.

This is so gross in our opinion. This girl has had such a hard life and should be allowed to be in peace during this understandably tough time.

Tell us- what do you think about this photo being shopped around? Sound off in the comments below.

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