Jenelle Evans Custody Important To Her Exclusive



A Misunderstanding!

Yesterday, comments by Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans were released that claimed her first priority right now is graduating. Many people started criticizing Evans, as they took the reports to mean that Evans is no longer making obtaining custody of her first son, Jace, a priority. We spoke to a source close to Evans who clarified this for us this morning.

Jenelle Evans Custody Important To Her Exclusive

“Jenelle absolutely is committed to getting full custody of Jace,” the insider exclusively told us. “The comments she made are being twisted and taken out of context.”

“If she wasn’t committed to getting custody of Jace, she wouldn’t have been trying to for so many years now,” the source continued. “There is nothing more in the world Jenelle wants than to have her two children with her at all times.”

So what about the comments about her number one priority being graduating?

“What Jenelle meant is that she is graduating soon, so she is focused on that, as it is something positive,” the insider explained.

“She will be back in court with her Mother in a few weeks,” the source continued, “and, ‘shocking’ as this may be for people to find out, the court appearance has nothing to do with her graduation, and everything to do with her obtaining full custody of Jace.”

Our source wrapped with telling us that, “Jenelle has worked extremely hard to better herself, and it would be nice if people occasionally gave her some credit, rather than beating her down all the time.”

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