Bitters Kiss Album Review

Bitter’s Kiss is an indie pop duo comprised of a brother and sister from Weehawken, NJ, which is very close to NYC. Since they are a part of my home state, I was very excited to get a chance to review their self-titled debut album. Is the group’s debut album worthy of a listen? Check out our review below.
Bitters Kiss Album Review
“Bitter’s Kiss” opens with the title track. It is immediately clear that singer Chloe Baker has a pretty voice that has hues of Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries with a higher pitch. Her voice also reminded me of Lily Allen as well. While the melancholy track is pretty, it came off to me like background music that I would think was pretty but likely not stop to give a second listen to. Also, while the bulk of the lyrics were fine, I found myself cringing when Baker sang “I need to stop this addiction cuz rehab’s not free.” To me, that stood out as far too trite for a song that sonically is striving for intelligence.
“Waste Of It All” is a huge improvement on the predecessor and definitely a standout on the album. Musically, the song perfectly sets a somber mood with a sad guitar and drum beat. In addition, the lyrics demand your attention, as they open with, “I already know it’s the end, so why am I clutching the phone in my hand, waiting for you to call?” They continue to be introspective as the song goes on, with Baker intelligently asking something everyone in a bad relationship has asked before- “Why can’t I be the one to walk away on my own?”
“No One Will,” which is featured later on the album, is another standout. The reasons it stands out are Baker’s pretty voice and the extremely intelligent lyrics. I found myself in awe at the observation Baker makes about love and relationships. Specifically, when she sang, “I don’t mind watching couples hold hands, I hope they’re happy ‘cause they won’t be in the end,” I was wowed by the sadness and thought she put into forming those words.
Other songs featured on the album are the piano-driven “Already Gone” and the electronic sounding “Lovin’ Life.”
With their debut album, “Bitter’s Kiss” puts forth a solid effort that, although depressing, is also extremely relatable. Aside from a hiccup with the opening track, I think the duo has a hit on their hands.
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