Something Rotten Broadway Review

Last night, we had the opportunity to see one of Broadway’s most hyped shows right now, “Something Rotten.” So, was the show reflective of it’s title, or was it something wonderful?

Something Rotten Broadway Review

“Something Rotten” tells the story of The Bottom Brothers, a pair of brothers who work at writing plays during the Renaissance; however, they have a major competitor who everyone is fawning over- William Shakespeare. In an attempt to be competitive, one of the brothers seeks out a soothsayer (a fortune teller) with the intention of having him foretell what Shakespeare’s greatest future work will be so he can steal the idea. What the soothsayer ends up seeing is a musical named “Omlette” as opposed to the play Hamlet, and all hilarity ensues.

There were so many things to love about this musical that it’s hard to list them all, but here a few:

•Stunning, big, over the top theatrical numbers chock full of song and dance.

•Extravagant costumes from the time period

•Enjoyable and memorable songs that stick in your head after leaving the theater.

•Lots of Broadway/Theater references that are hysterically worked into the plot.

•Excellent acting and singing

•Endearing characters

•A closer to the first act that definitely makes you want to see what will happen in the second

Earlier this year, we got the opportunity to see “Fun House,” which is the show that won best musical. While we thoroughly enjoyed it, we were hard pressed to not think that “Something Rotten” was deserving of the same award, as it had every element a good Broadway show should and left you walking out of the theater feeling fully entertained.

In a time period where theater tickets have reached an all time high price, we would highly recommend taking a trip to see “Something Rotten.” It is definitely worth the price and you will not be disappointed.

Please stay tuned for our review of the Original Broadway Cast Recording, which will be forthcoming.

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