Donald Trump NOT fired from Reelz TV!

Not Fired!

Although Donald Trump has been fired from various places after making some racist comments, there is one network that won’t be firing him. Want details?

Donald Trump NOT fired from Reelz TV!

Cable Network, Reelz TV, picked up the Miss USA Pageant after NBC decided not to air it due to Trump’s comments.

So how did it do?

With only an 11-day notice after being dropped by NBC, Reelz TV aired the live pageant which drew in a total of 925,000 viewers (as opposed to the 5.6 million who watched the previous year.)

Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard told The Hollywood Reporter, “If we double our audience from what a normal Sunday night would be, I’m happy!”


Guess this means Trump will likely NOT be fired from this network!

Tell us- are you surprised the pageant still got so many viewers? Sound off in the comments below.

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