Melissa Gorga Joe Giudice Filming Show Opinion

A Family Affair?

Recently, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga posted a picture of her children alongside Teresa Giudice‘s children. Since Teresa’s husband, Joe, is currently filming a spin off special about life without Teresa, we believe the picture may prove Melissa and her husband, Joe, will be a part of the show. Why do we think this?

Melissa Gorga Joe Giudice Filming Show Opinion

In our opinion, the show will be about what is going on in Joe Giudice’s life without Teresa present. Since Melissa is clearly involved in Teresa’s children’s lives and spending time with them as this photo indicates, it would only make sense for her to be a part of the show.

We always feel that, from watching the show, Melissa has been a good Aunt, and it’s clear from this photo all of the cousins are getting along and happy to be together.

Due to the fact that the show is supposed to capture what is going on in Joe’s life- and his children’s- without Teresa home, it would definitely make sense for the Gorga’s to be included in the show, as they are clearly a part of their lives.

Tell us: What do you think? Will we see Melissa and Joe Gorga on the show? 

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