Something Rotten Original Cast Recording Review

A Great Recording!

Last week, we had the opportunity to see the Broadway show Something Rotten, which we adored. While the show was great, one may wonder how the recording stands up by itself. Is it something wonderful or is it something rotten?

Something Rotten Original Cast Recording Review

Luckily, much like the show, the recording is something wonderful and there are many musical highlights that engage the listener even if they haven’t seen the show.

One of the standout tracks is “Right Hand Man,” sung wonderfully by Heidi Blickenstaff. The song is a very catchy musical number in which Blickenstaff’s character, Bea, sings about helping out her struggling husband. I particularly liked the adorable lyrics where she sings, “If you ever got in trouble
I would be there on the double just to bail you out. If there’s anything you lack, you know I’ve always got your back. Thats what its all about.”

Another standout track is “A Musical,” which was one of the best numbers on the stage as well. In the song, Brian d’Arcy James and Brad Oscar sing about what the newest trend in theater will be- a musical! What I love most about this track- aside from its catchiness- is the incorporation of many other musicals including a very obvious shout out to A Chorus Line.

“We See The Light,” is another song that I adored both on the recording and on the stage. While the song’s context refers to convincing people that a relationship between two characters is acceptable regardless of their religious differences (as the woman is a Puritan and the man is not), I found it applicable to modern times with people accepting gay marriage. Due to this, I found it to be one of the more moving songs in the show.

Other songs included on the recording include the big act one closer “Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top” and the hysterical “Something Rotten/Make An Omlette.”

Just like with the show, I would highly recommend picking up this cast recording. It is fun, catchy, chock-full of big musical numbers, and, simply, wonderful.

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