Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Ayers Not Getting Married

Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Ayers


Getting Hitched?

Yesterday, rumors surfaced online that Real Housewives of Orange County boyfriend Brooks Ayers, who has been battling cancer, was planning to ask girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson to get married soon. So are the rumors true? Gunvalson took to her social media to comment.

Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Ayers Not Getting Married

“Contrary to this morning’s media reports I am NOT engaged nor planning to get married at this time,” Gunvalson wrote on her social media.

Brooks’ cancer diagnosis has nothing to do with the status of our relationship. It saddens me that media outlets like The Inquistr will publish such blatant lies to attract more visitors to their website,” she added.

Gunvalson wrapped with saying that, “I have always been very honest and forth coming on the show and with my fans and if something this important were true, you would be the first to know.”

Here is a copy of the post:

Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Ayers 2

There you have it!

Recently, there has been good news for the pair, as we exclusively confirmed that charges against Ayers in the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit were dismissed.

Tell us- are you sad to hear the pair are not engaged or planning to wed soon? Let us know in the comments.

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