Scott Krokoff Realizations & Declarations Volume 2 Review

Worth Checking Out!

Recently, we reviewed Father John Misty‘s new album,  I Love You Honeybear. We appreciated that album greatly, so we were thrilled when the opportunity came about to check out Scott Krokoff‘s newest effort, Realizations & Declarations Volume 2, as he has been compared to Misty. So what did we think? Click through to see our review!

Scott Krokoff Realizations & Declarations Volume 2 Review

The album opens with “The Right Place.” Immediately, we loved the upbeat guitar and drum sound. When Krokoff starts singing, we definitely were able to see the comparison to Misty; however, he definitely has a voice that is uniquely his own. We also appreciated the upbeat, introspective lyrics that clearly were influenced by experiences he has gone through, especially when he singings, “Maybe you took a path that everybody chooses, but it’s not over, you can still pursue your music… you just need the right place, the right time.”


The next song, “Because Of You,” is an upbeat love song that had a 90’s rock sound to it- and we mean this in a good way. Once again, it is Krokoff’s voice and the lyrics that shine, especially when he sings, “And now I observe this planet in a whole different light, it’s all because of you.” It should be noted that as much as we apprenticed Misty’s album, we began to think on this track that this album is a bit more memorable, as there is more of a catchy appeal to Krokoff’s music.

“I Got Nothing,” which appears later on the album, is the lead single that can be heard here. One of the neatest things about Krokoff’s music became apparent here; his lyrics read like entries from a journal where he tells of his experiences with life and love and it works brilliantly. The song, like the ones that precede it, definitely sounds like it could have come from 90s rockers- and, again, this is a great thing.

Also included on the album are two versions of the folky, 70’s sounding “Pissed Off In Paris”- one explicit and one clean- and the thought provoking closer, “Sparrows.”

With his new album, which will be released this summer, we found ourselves thrilled to have discovered Scott Korkoff. In a world where so much music sounds similar, Krokoff’s music takes us back to sounds of the 90’s and 70’s with a modern spin that makes us think, relax, and enjoy. We would highly recommend you check out his album when it’s released.

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