Vickis Vodka Lawsuit Brooks Seeking Legal Fees Exclusive

Vickis Vodka Lawsuit

Exclusive Court Documents!

Recently, we reported that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson‘s boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was vindicated in the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit and that all claims against him by Robert Williamson III were dropped. We also reported in the piece that Gunvalson was also expected to be vindicated. Now, we have obtained exclusive court documents and spoken to Ayers’s attorney to find out that Ayers is filing a motion for attorneys’ fees against Williamson, based on the fact that Williamson’s claims against Brooks were completely frivolous. Want details?

Vickis Vodka Lawsuit Brooks Seeking Legal Fees Exclusive

When speaking to Ayers’s attorney, Sean Reis of The Reis Law Firm, A.P.C, he told us exclusively that, “The claims against Brooks were false and frivolous.  The Court ruled completely in Brooks’ favor and found no support for any of the false allegations.”

“Unfortunately,” Reis continued, “Brooks was forced to spend a lot of money to have my law firm defend him.  Because the claims against Brooks were frivolous, we have asked the judge to make Williamson reimburse Brooks for his attorneys’ fees.”

Reis added that, “Judges are a bit like parents.  When you break the rules, they can spank you.  We have asked the judge to give Williamson a spanking that he won’t forget.”
Reis wrapped with telling us that, “This should be a warning to anyone who thinks they can shake down celebrities like Brooks with frivolous lawsuits.  We don’t play around like that.  If you mess with Brooks, you mess with The Reis Law Firm.  We pursue our client’s interests to the full extent of the law.”
We have included the court documents are attached below for you to read:
We wish Ayers the best in this and, from the sounds of it, are confident he’ll be getting his money back.
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