I Am Cait Ratings Upsetting Caitlyn Jenner

I Am Cait Ratings


Crushed Caitlyn?

Although Caitlyn Jenner‘s show I Am Cait performed decently in ratings, Jenner allegedly is less than happy with the ratings according to a new Radar Online report. Want details?

I Am Cait Ratings Upsetting Caitlyn Jenner

In explaining how Jenner feels about the ratings of her docu-series, an insider dished that, “She is devastated.”

They elaborated by revealing that, “Caitlyn is extremely upset about the show’s ratings and does not want to talk to anyone right now. Not even her family.”

The source also explained to Radar that Jenner is getting involved with the Human Rights Campaign and using her social media as an alleged PR move.

On this, the insider dished that, “The Human Rights Campaign is helping Caitlyn to repair her image and is making sure that everything she says from now on in is congruent with the ultimate view of the transgender community as a whole.”

The source wrapped with telling Radar that, “Caitlyn is really hurt by all of the criticism and asked her friends at the HRC to help her undo the damage that she’s done. Caitlyn really wants to help people, and that is not a storyline.”

Tell us- do you think Jenner has a reason to be upset by the ratings of her show? Sound off in the comments below.

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