Kim Richards Alcoholism Causing Grave Danger Exclusive

In Grave Danger!

After getting arrested a second time, friends and family got Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards admitted to the hospital. Since our report, new reports claim she has already left. A source close to the situation exclusively spoke to us about Richards and their concerns- and it’s not looking good. Want details?

Kim Richards Alcoholism Causing Grave Danger Exclusive

Kim is in grave danger,” the insider exclusively told us. “As much as she may not like to admit it, she has a severe drinking problem.”

“All of those around her keep hoping each situation she gets herself into will be a wakeup call, but thus far, nothing seems to work,” the source continued.

Kim needs severe help, and those around her are trying to encourage her to get it,” they added.

The insider wrapped with telling us that, “If Kim does not get help, those around her are not sure how much longer she can go on like this. They fear the worst for her- including that she could potentially die– if she does not get her life in order.”

We really hope Richards gets the help she needs and are pulling for her.

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