Gigi Vanessa Hudgens Cast Recording Review

She Can Sing!

Whenever a star from the screen heads to Broadway, people always wonder if they actually have what it takes to succeed on the stage. Recently, we got the chance to review the Original Cast Recording from the recent Broadway revival of Gigi, starring Vanessa HudgensSo- how does the recording measure up and can Hudgens sing? Read on for our review.

Gigi Vanessa Hudgens Cast Recording Review

Before delving into the review, the resounding answer is- YES! Hudgens can sing and definitely has the talent to be starring in a Broadway show. Now that the underlying question is out of the way, let’s get into the more specific details.

The album opens with the “Opening” number. It is clear from the start that this is going to be a more traditional type of Broadway recording, but one that definitely features a talented cast. The song works to set the stage of Paris as the backdrop to the musical.

“It’s A Bore” is a song that appears later on the recording, and it is a funny, tongue-in-cheek song about Paris being a bit, well, boring. One character in the song says how fun Paris is, while another laments about how it’s boring. For example, the character who finds Paris less than interesting muses that, “The trees were green this year- and last year.”


In “I Never Want To Come Home Again,” which comes later, Hudgens’s vocals really shine. It is beyond evident here that anyone who doubted her ability to command the stage was incorrect, and that she certainly has a voice deserving of being the top billing for this musical.

Other highlights on the album include the beautiful “I Remember It Well” and “I’m Glad I’m Not You,” another number that showcases Hudgens’s voice.

With “Gigi,” what you have is a traditional Broadway recording that is revived with a modern star. The results are impressive and, if you’re a fan of classic musical theater, you are sure to appreciate this recording.

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