Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith Was Using Her Exclusive

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith


Using Her?

Recently, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith ended things again. Although things had seemed to be on the upswing, Evans recently exposed that Griffith was cheating on her. Now, a source close to the star has come to us to dish that Griffith was using Evans all along! Want details?

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith Was Using Her Exclusive

Nathan has everything that he does because of Jenelle,” an insider revealed to us.

“He knew what he was doing when he got involved with her,” the source continued. “He completely used her.”

The insider also added something that they feel is sad, but true- “I don’t believe he ever loved her.”

They wrapped with telling us that Griffith’s primary concern was that “he wanted money and attention. It’s sad, but true. Hopefully Jenelle can learn from this and find a man who wants to be with her for her, not for the MTV notoriety Teen Mom 2 has brought her.”

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