Sheree Whitfield RHOA Return Major Paycheck

Checks For Her, Boo!

Yesterday, we reported that longstanding rumors of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield returning to the franchise were going to be realized this season. Now, a new Radar Online report is claiming that Whitfield is getting a hefty paycheck for her return. Want details?

Sheree Whitfield RHOA Return Major Paycheck

According to a source who spoke to Radar, production knew they needed to “bring the drama with NeNe‘s departure from the show.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta is the crown jewel in Bravo’s crown,” they continued, “and it has always been a ratings hit. Bringing back Sheree could be a headache for the crew behind the scenes, but she has really matured since the time she was initially on.”

The source then dished on Whitfield’s paycheck for returning, stating that, “At the height of Sheree’s four seasons, she was making around $350,000. Producers initially offered $100,000, and Sheree balked at the insulting offer.”

So what did they end up giving her for her return?

According to the insider, “The contract was signed for $250,000, with an option to do another season at a higher salary.”

We are definitely excited to see Whitfield back this season and know she will bring some good stuff to the show.

What do you think about her return? Sound off in the comments below.

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