Caitlyn Jenner De Transitioning

Caitlyn Jenner Surgery Obsessed

Caitlyn Jenner Surgery

Surgery Obsessed?

Caitlyn Jenner is looking fabulous ever since her transition, and we have loved watching her on her hit show I Am Cait. According to a new source who spoke to OK! Magazine, though, Jenner may be obsessed with surgical procedures! Want details?

Caitlyn Jenner Surgery Obsessed

According to a source who spoke to the magazine, Jenner has had over $500,000 of procedures so far!

She’s had everything from botox to laser peels, nose jobs and silicone and collagen implants,” the insider told OK!

“Cait had no qualms about dropping 25 grand on breast implants,” the source added. They also dished that she paid $150,000 to get a butt like the Kardashians!

Is she done with surgeries?

Not according to the insider, who explained that, “She plans to get filler injections in her face and neck every 12 weeks.”

The insider wrapped with saying that she also “wants to get her calves sculpted to give her legs a more delicate look, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.”

We personally feel Caitlyn is beautiful just the way she is, but if the procedures make her happy, so be it.

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