Gretchen Rossi Lisa Vanderpump

Gretchen Rossi Lisa Vanderpump Humane Society Event

An Important Event!

Yesterday, fashion entrepreneur Gretchen Rossi attended Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump‘s event for the American Humane Society. We were curious what the event was for and caught up with Rossi to get the details.

Gretchen Rossi Lisa Vanderpump Humane Society Event

Rossi told us that, “Yesterday’s event was for the American Humane Society and it was about honoring hero dogs. Lisa was also showcasing her new Vanderpump pets line, and most importantly it was an event to keep bringing awareness to the horrific Yulin Featival that happens in China.”

Lisa and the AHS are putting together a march on Oct 4th to help #stopyulinforever,” Rossi continued. “It will start around 10:30am at the La Brea Tar Pits and end on the door steps of the Chinese consulate hopefully making a loud statement that this needs to stop.  We need bodies to be there- yes donations and money are great for the case- but on this day we are in need of a lot of people to come out and march with signs and make a statement against this gruesome and horrific way of murdering and slaughtering these innocent animals.”

Rossi explained that, “Dogs are often kidnapped from their homes and taken to be beat, tortured, boiled alive, their limbs are ripped off, they are burned alive etc etc. It is inhumane and unfathomable that these people think this is ok to do to domesticated family pets.”

“These animals are part of people’s family,” Rossi continued, “and are like children to them (I know this because my 3 dogs are like children to me as well) and to think that the government is not doing anything to put a stop to it is disgusting. We have to make a stand and have an outpouring of standing up against this evil act.”

“We invite everyone to post and re-post about this March and ask your friends and family to please join in the cause,” Rossi urged us. “We need the word spreadWe will be doing PSA’s with celebrities as well, and asking anyone who has a large following to please tweet using #stopyulinforever to join us in this movement.”

“You can go to and get more information about this march and the movement,” Rossi continued. “But please beware of the graphic and horrible pictures up on the site. It has images I cannot get out of my head and will do anything to get this to stop.”

Rossi wrapped with telling us that, “As an animal lover and activist I am urging everyone to help make a stand and difference against this grotesque festival.”

As a dog enthusiast, we will definitely be doing all we can to bring attention to this cause and applaud these women for helping out.

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