Kim Richards Rehab Still Needed

Kim Richards Rehab


Help Still Needed.

We recently exclusively reported that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is in grave danger. Now, a new Radar Online report claims Richards is spiraling out of control. Want details?

Kim Richards Rehab Still Needed

An insider who spoke to Radar dished that, “Kim was advised that she needed to continue treatment, but ultimately decided not to stay, and left.”

“Kim’s four children are absolutely heartsick about her tragic situation,” the source continued. “She is spiraling out of control. She has said she doesn’t remember the events leading up to her shoplifting arrest!”

The insider also detailed that her family wants her to return to rehab, but “She is absolutely refusing. The family just doesn’t know what to do, and are afraid something horrible is going to happen to her.”

We definitely think that Richards should return to rehab, especially in light of recent events, as it’s clear she still needs help.

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