Josh Duggar Ashley Madison Profile Exposed

Josh Duggar Ashley Madison

Cheating On His Spouse!

Josh Duggar has had quite the year of being exposed in scandalous sexual acts, particularly where he was found to have molested multiple underage girls when he was in his teenage years. Now, in the latest sex scandal, Duggar has been found to have been a user of Ashley Madison, the website where married people could sign up to cheat on their spouses. Want details?

Josh Duggar Ashley Madison Profile Exposed

According to Gawker, when Ashley Madison was leaked, Duggar was one of the people whose information was exposed!

What did he want in a potential extramarital affair?

According to the leaked info, Duggar was looking for the following:

-Conventional Sex
– Experimenting with Sex Toys
– One-Night Stands
– Open to Experimentation
– Gentleness,” “Good With Your Hands
– Sensual Massage
– Extended Foreplay/Teasing
– Bubble Bath for 2
– Likes to Give Oral Sex
– Likes to Receive Oral Sex
– Someone I Can Teach
– Someone Who Can Teach Me
– Kissing
– Cuddling & Hugging
– Sharing Fantasies
– Sex Talk

In addition, Duggar detailed that the following would turn him on:

– A Professional/Well Groomed
– Stylish/Classy
– Casual Jeans/T-shirt Type
– Muscular/Fit Body
– Petite Figure
– Tall Height
– Short Height
– Long Hair
– Short Hair
– Girl Next Door
– Naughty Girl
– Sense of Humor
– Imagination
– Creative and Adventurous
– Relaxed and Easy Going
– Aggressive/Take Charge Nature
– Confidence
– Discretion/Secrecy
– A Good Listener
– Good Personal Hygiene
– Average Sex Drive
– High Sex Drive
– Dislikes Routine
– Has a Secret Love Nest
– Disease Free
– Drug Free
– Natural Breasts

Also revealed was some of the data from Duggar’s account, where he said:

“Let’s just see where this goes! I’m looking to have a steamy affair. I want to have a good time with someone who is passionate… and see where it leads.”

He also said, “I’m really open. You let me know what your fantasy is and we’ll do it.”

We would think his wife, Anna, must feel duped at this point, but we’re sure she’ll put some sort of spin on it, as his parents have spun his molestation story.

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