You NEED To Listen to This Little Known Beyonce Song Now

beyonce grown woman

Grown Woman!

There is an awesome song from Beyonce‘s 2013 Beyonce album that has unfortunately gone under the radar since the album’s release. That song is “Grown Woman”.

The song was oddly dropped from the album, though made the music video album.

This song, and specifically the Monsieur Adi Remix, has a beat the you can’t help but dance to. This song is the answer to¬†every critic that ripped on “Bow Down” prior to her album¬†surprise release due to it sounding immature and elitist.

This song is a power song for women. While the lyrics might not be anything impressive (I’m a grown woman, I do whatever I want), Beyonce’s powerful voice and passion behind the lyrics can make anyone feel empowered and strong and this song shows that off wonderfully.

Listen to it now, you won’t be disappointed, nor will you be able to get it out of your head!