Duggar Crisis Manager Knew About Ashley Madison

Duggar Crisis Manager


Crisis Averted- For A Reason!

A few months ago, we had reported that Hunter Frederick was going to be acting as a crisis manager for the Duggar family in the wake of news breaking that Josh had molested multiple underage girls. We then ended up reporting that Frederick ended up not being their crisis manger. With Josh back in the news for cheating on his wife and having an Ashley Madison account, we now have spoken to a source close to the situation who dished why Frederick ended up not taking the Duggars on as clients.

Duggar Crisis Manager Knew About Ashley Madison

According to a source close to the situation, “Hunter Frederick knew about the Ashley Madison stuff and do this opted not to take the Duggars on as a client.” 

In addition, the insider told us that, “The Duggars ended up getting another crisis manger but they did NOT know about the Ashley Madison information.”

The source wrapped with informing us that, “Due to the new crisis manager not knowing about the Ashley Madison account, their relationship with the Duggars is now up in the air.”

We will keep you posted as more details surrounding this story continue to emerge.

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