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Dean McDermott On Ashley Madison, Too?

Also On Ashley Madison?

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have had their share of martial problems, much due to his infidelity which the couple aired out on a reality show. Now, with all of the Ashley Madison leaks, including Josh DuggarJosh Taekman, and Jionni Lavalle, is McDermott the next in line to be revealed as a user of the adulterous website?

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott Ashley Madison Fight

Radar Online spoke to an exclusive source who dished that, “As soon as it became news that the Ashley Madison website had been hacked, and that users’ names were being released, Tori got into a vicious fight with Dean. Convinced Dean had an account on the site, Tori began poring over previous credit card statements looking for proof.”

Radar claims that Spelling was unable to find proof and, when they checked more into the situation, they were unable to find any of McDermott’s email addresses in Ashley Madison’s system.

Still, though, the insider claimed that, “Dean handed over his laptop computer for Tori to look over. He understood why Tori was questioning with him.

“But after six hours,” the source wrapped with telling Radar, “they were still fighting about it! Dean has had enough of Tori’s doubts and questions, and has declared there was never any involvement with the website.”


While we can understand why Spelling would have doubts, this seems a bit extreme, no?

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