Tonya Banks Little Women LA

Tonya Banks Little Women LA Exclusive Interview

Talking With Tonya!

We adore Lifetime’s Little Women: LA and were beyond thrilled to get the opportunity to catch up with one of our favorites on the show, Tonya Banks. We talked to her about her issues with co-star Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, what she thinks about Briana Manson‘s relationship with her boyfriend, and more!

Tonya Banks Little Women LA Exclusive Interview

After telling us that being on the third season “is great” as “notoriety highly increased” and that “there’s a lot going on in my life this season,” we dove right into asking Banks what her issue is with Sorge, from her perspective.

Banks told us, “The issue between Jasmine and myself started over a year ago. She told that ex-asshole boyfriend of mine that if she was on the show, she would give Elena and Terra a run for their money.”

“Because the asshole said he had pull and could get her on the show,” she continued, “she showed up at an event I put together. I was in a group conversation with some important people, and she rudely and abruptly came in the middle of the group, hugged me, and said congrats with no excuse me or anything I felt that was rude and disrespectful and I feel I’m owed an apology, period.”

Banks, who said her boyfriend Jaa and her are “still kicking it” but that we “will have to watch the show to see what the next phase” of their relationship brings, next talked about what people’s biggest misconception of her is.

She told us, “I feel people misjudge me. I am very real and upfront. I do not bully anyone. People feel I bully my friend. I don’t, or they would not be my friends if I did. Bullying is when you approach someone, tease/embarrass them, and taunt them. I don’t approach anyone unless they come at me and I let them have it. I stand up for myself and what I believe in.”



We couldn’t help asking Banks what she thinks of co-star Manson’s relationship with controversial boyfriend Matt. Banks said, “I have no thoughts on her relationship anymore. I already expressed any concerns I had. Briana makes a lot of bad choices you will see this season.”

Banks also told us that she misses co-star Traci Harrison Tsou, but that she is “pregnant and under Doctor’s care and very happy. I still hang out with her.”

In addition to what we already asked, we were curious what Banks thinks of the new cast members. She told us, “They have added their share of drama to the group. Jasmine is a strong personality like me. That’s why we were not off to a good start. Brittney is young and age is not just a number in her case.”

Banks wrapped with telling us that she has “an active line coming out called ‘LILBOSS Body’ and for the men ‘Mr. Boss Body.’ I am working on a fitness video which is very challenging. I have a movie that I starred in that was just released called ‘Internship Games.’ I’m about to do a pilot for a sitcom soon, but I can’t mention the name yet. I also have my own company ‘One Bossey Production.'”

“I want to thank all of my supporters,” Banks added.

Fans of Banks can reach her via her website, Twitter, Instagram, and by watching her on Lifetime’s Little Women: LA Wednesday nights at 9 PM.



We truly enjoyed our conversation with this reality star and know we will be seeing great things from her in the future!

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