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Anna Duggar Won't Leave Josh Duggar Exclusive

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She Won’t Leave!

After her husband, Josh Duggar, was revealed to have been on Ashley Madison, one would think Anna Duggar would be inclined to leave him. This is his second public embarrassment to her family this year, the first being the disgusting revelation that he had molested multiple underage girls when he was a teenager. So will Anna leave him? Not so, according to an exclusive source we spoke to.

Anna Duggar Won’t Leave Josh Duggar Exclusive

Anna is crushed,” an insider close to the situation told us. “However, she is not planning on leaving her husband.””

So why won’t she leave him?

“One of the first reasons as to why she won’t leave him is her parents,” the source continued. “They are big believers in the sanctity of marriage, and it would not be a proper thing to do in their eyes.”

Although her brother doesn’t agree with them, “Anna is definitely heeding what her parents say.”

In addition to her parents, the insider explained that, “Anna is very religious herself and doesn’t believe that marriage is something that can easily be disposed of.”

“Due to all of this,” the insider wrapped with dishing, “Anna will stay with Josh, regardless of what people think. It’s sad, because Josh likely will do something to screw up again and she’ll be left to pick up the pieces each time.”

Truthfully, we feel that Anna should pack her bags as fast as can be and RUN from him.

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