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Caitlyn Jenner Voice Surgery Not Happening

Caitlyn Jenner Voice Surgery


Veto On The Voice Surgery?

Recently, Caitlyn Jenner was considering surgery on her vocal chords to feminize her voice and had even hired a vocal coach. However, a new Radar Online report is claiming that Jenner has decided against the surgery. Want details?

Caitlyn Jenner Voice Surgery Not Happening

An insider dished to Radar that Jenner worked with voice coach Dr. Lillian Glass and that “Caitlyn asked Lillian what she thought of the surgery and Dr. Glass told her that she does not recommend it at all.”

“Dr. Glass told her that the success rate is extremely limited with the surgery, and that she could ruin perfectly good vocal cords,” the source continued.

The insider added that, “She told Caitlyn that surgery could result in vocal paralysis and she could end up with a breathy voice that will not even be loud enough to be heard!”

The source still had more to say, claiming that, “Dr. Glass also told Caitlyn that she could end up with Spastic Dysphoria from having the surgery, which is when the vocal cords don’t come together and don’t vibrate well.”

Due to all of this, the insider claimed that Jenner has opted NOT to have the surgery.

We adore Jenner and are so thrilled to see her living the life she always should have, but don’t think she should be doing anything to put her vocal chords at risk.

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