Kim Richards Social Media Silence Broken

Kim Richards Social Media


Speaking Out!

Since all of her problems with getting arrested earlier this year- and then a second time more recently- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been mostly silent. Now, however, she has broken her silence on her Instagram. What did she post?

Kim Richards Social Media Silence Broken

Rather than address any of her issues, Richards posted a picture of her daughter, Kimberly, as a baby, and wrote the following birthday message:

Happy Birthday?
My Beautiful Girl? @kcjay 
You are so Amazing, Special , such a Gift…
I am so Grateful to God for blessing us with such a Special Soul…. You are My Daughter … but You are also My Best Friend? may all your dreams come true ? I love you, mommy 
#bestbirthdayever #ilovemygirl #dreams

Here is a copy of the post:

Kim Richards Social Media 1

This was Richards’s first post in 20 weeks.

While it’s nice to see Richards back on social media- and for a positive reason- we’d truly like to see her discussing what’s been going on the past few months.

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