Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo Turns Ten Years Old

Birthday Boo Boo!

Although her show was canceled quite some time ago, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thomson and her family seem to keep themselves in the press. Today, her mother, June Shannon, posted on Facebook in celebration of Alana’s tenth birthday and Alana’s sister, Anna Shannon‘s, 21st birthday. What did Mama June have to say?

Honey Boo Boo Turns Ten Years Old

June posted the following message:

“Well today is a special day for this two I know this is a old pic of them when anna was pregnant with katilyn but I think it a sweet pic of them as alot of u know my oldest anna aka chickadee and alana aka honey boo boo was born on the same day today 11 yrs apart but bout this time 21 yrs ago I was having a emergency c section anna and bout 9am this day 10 yrs ago I was having emergency c section with Alana they r two totally ppl and personalities but I love them the same even though the girls say alana a lil more spoiled but they always get what they most of the time but have all of they needed throughout their life so happy 21st bday anna now u r legal and can’t buy your first drink as u r pregnant with another baby girl so u will have to celebrate later lol and happy 10th bday to my sassy diva hard headed full of personality alana I love yall the same and I wish we was celebrating together even though I know y’all hate it especially anna as she got older and happy bday to alot of other great ppl born on this day we know some awesome ppl all share the same day together so hope y’all enjoy your day too …. ‪#‎honeybooboo‬ ‪#‎chickadee‬‪#‎oldestandyoungestbdays‬
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We wish both girls a happy birthday!

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