Vicki Gunvalson Wins In Vodka Lawsuit

Victorious Vicki!

Last month, we reported how Brooks Ayers won his part of the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit, and now his ex Vicki Gunvalson has also come out victorious in her portion. Radar Online posted details this morning that we’ve outlined below.

Vicki Gunvalson Vickis Vodka Lawsuit Win

According to Radar, who obtained court documents from 8/28/15, Gunvalson had asked the court to make a summary judgement to end the suit, claiming that, “If any party was injured, it was the company Vicki’s Vodka, not Williamson personally.”

The Judge stated that, “I grant summary judgment against Williamson with regard to unjust enrichment (Coutn IV), civil conspiracy (Count VI), and intentional infliction of emotional distress (Count IX).”

I deny it with respect to Williamson’s claims for breach of contract (Count I), breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing (Count II), misrepresentations, fraud, and omissions (Count III); and promissory espoppel (Count V),” the Judge added. According to Radar, this means this will have to be still fought in court.

In addition, the Judge claimed that Gunvalson had “not demonstrated” that her ex-business partner “lacked standing” to bring claims against her.

We are happy to see at least a partial victory for Gunvalson in this case and hope she can start to move on from this soon.

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