Josh Duggar's Rehab- An Inside Look

Josh Duggar Rehab

Inside The Rehab!

As we recently reported, Josh Duggar entered rehab after it was outed that he was a member of Ashley Madison. So what is his rehab facility like? We have the details below!

Josh Duggar’s Rehab- An Inside Look

Duggar is currently at the Reformer’s Unanimous men’s residential campus in Rockford, Illinois.

Here are some of the things Duggar does in his rehab facility:

– Daily chapel messages from teachers

– A student intervention plan. According to the site, “The plan is a determination of ‘areas of concern’ for the RU Staff, the family, and the resident. For each ‘area of concern,’ our Dean of Homes and the student will determine a goal for improvement and plans of intervention if these goals are not being met.”

– A four phase program that the website details each phase can be completed in 45 days, with most people finishing all four phases within SIX MONTHS.

– A daily schedule including “sleep, personal time alone with God, good hygiene, personal study, work, service, rest, play and fellowship.”

– Classes, prayer groups, and a work program.


Tell us- do you think this sounds like the rehab you expected? Sound off in the comments below.

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