Rabid Young EP1

Rabid Young EP1 Review

A Rocking Effort!

One of the things we love most in life is getting to experience new music, especially from bands that aren’t mainstream yet. This is why were so excited to listen to the upcoming EP, titled “EP1,” from new band Rabid Young. Rabid Young are based in Las Vegas and are drawing comparisons to Bad Suns and The Killers. So how does their EP hold up?

Rabid Young EP1 Review

The EP opens with “Pieces,” and immediately from the first strum of the guitar I thought of a Killers song. Their lead male singer has a great voice that is reminiscent of early 2000’s emo. I also liked the lyrics on this song, where the band sings, “I feel like pieces of me falling out… I feel so incomplete without you around.”


“Not Enough” follows “Pieces,” and is the band’s first single from the EP, which can be heard here. The song has a narrative structure to it’s lyrics, which immediately engage the listener. My one complaint with the song was that I didn’t particularly find the chorus catchy for a single; however, that didn’t take away from me enjoying the song.

“Some Time,” which appears later on the EP, has a neat electronic beat that integrates well with the electric guitar and drums featured on the track. I really enjoyed the imagery in this song, particularly when the band sang, “You’ve got me marching to your heartbeat now.” I also found myself bopping my head and tapping my foot to the chorus, a clear sign that I was enjoying what I was hearing.

Rabid Young’s “EP1” also includes the rocking “Beautiful Things” and the closer “Home.”

Overall, with “EP1” Rabid Young has created a rocking, enjoyable effort. If you are a fan of over the top fun pop-rock with an emo-esque twist, you will surely enjoy their work.

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