Skittish Two Legs Bad

Skittish Two Legs Bad Review

A Unique Release!

We are a fan of all types of music, from hip-hop to hippie rock. Due to our love of all genres, we were very excited to check out “Two Legs Bad,” the new release from Minnesota Folk-Rock band Skittish, that will be released on 9/15. So, is their album worth a listen?

Skittish Two Legs Bad Review

The album starts off with “Regarding The Wolf,” which begins with a loud strumming electronic guitar. While at first the lead male singer’s voice reminded us a little bit of Marilyn Manson, as soon as a female singer piped in, we saw the folk-rock portion of the song. What we liked about this song was that it wasn’t traditional folk-rock, as there was an electronic guitar and loud drums featured; however, the stylistic nature of the song would make it fall into the folk-rock genre. We found this particularly unique and a sound that we hadn’t really heard before. We also liked the lyric “I just want to mess your head” as it stood out to us as being bold and making a statement.

“Shot In The Dark,” the lead single from the album, is the next song. It features their female vocalist front and center. While at first I thought the pacing was going to be slowed down a bit, it picked up with guitars and drums quickly. Again, the brash lyrics stood out to us at the chorus, especially when “I just try not to fuck it all up, ooh, it’s a shot in the dark.” It should be noted that the lead female vocalist’s voice sounds flawless on the track.

“I Killed A Spider,” which appears later on the album, has a hippie-esque, airy vibe that we loved. While the lyrics about killing a spider did sound a bit literal, we couldn’t help thinking with the vibe of the song that there was likely a deeper, more metaphoric meaning to it.

Other songs on the album include the folky “Swim Away, Little Fish” and the chilling closer “Meet Your Maker,’ which features piano.
Overall, with “Two Legs Bad,” Skittish has made one of the more unique albums that we can recount as of late. For fans of original, good music, we cannot recommend this effort enough.
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