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Vicki Gunvalson Spa Story Is Slanderous Exclusive

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A Slanderous Story!

This week, an article in Star Magazine reported that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson was in a San Diego spa and flipped out when given the bill. We reached out to Gunvalson’s representative, Clay Edwards, to get a statement on what happened. So what did Gunvalson have to say via her representative?

Vicki Gunvalson Spa Story Is Slanderous Exclusive

Via Edwards, he told us that Gunvalson has the following statement that we could exclusively share:

“Last weekend, while spending time with a very close friend in San Diego,  we met two young ladies while out to dinner who offered to give my friend and I a facial and body wraps.  It has been a rough few weeks for me and my friend and I thought it would be a nice stress free service which unfortunately turned out to be anything BUT that.

The ladies told me they wanted to ‘comp’ the services, however I didn’t feel comfortable with that and wanted to give them both a generous tip.  When I was getting ready to check out, Ria from Work of Art Body Wraps started to talk to me about purchasing water reducing pills, exercise gels, cellulite creams and on and on.  I told her I did not want to spend $500 on creams and pills that I was just planning on paying her for her services.

It got uncomfortable when I told her ‘I do not need these other items nor do I spend money like that on items I won’t use,’ and then she got offended.  I ended up paying Melanie from HD Beauty Skin Boutique $200 and Ria a check for $300 in order to keep peace.

When my friend and I left, we both felt very awkward and what was supposed to be a nice Sunday afternoon turned into a stressful and tense moment.

Ria called me after I got in the car and told me she was sorry for any misunderstanding that she was not planning on cashing my $300 check.  I called her back and left her a message saying she should cash the check and told her once again I just didn’t want to spend the money on all of the other items.

There were numerous text messages afterwards and she got very rude and disrespectful. She contacted Star Magazine to try and defame me and even though Star knew it was slander, chose to print the story regardless Star had copies of the numerous text messages we sent to them proving to them I was mislead and taken advantage.

Melanie, from HD Beauty Skin Boutique gave me an incredible facial and was shocked when she heard that Ria contacted the press about this as she was there and saw how disrespectful Ria got to me.  I had an amazing facial by Melanie and will definitely be back and if you’re ever in the Rancho Santa Fe area, please visit her.  She understands how hard it is to be an honest, small business owner.

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement.  It’s people like Ria at Work of Art Body Wraps in Racho Santa Fe, California and Star magazine that give people a bad name.  Since Ria has chosen to spread a slanderous story against me I have no choice but to take further legal action.

We appreciate Gunvalson’s representative sharing Gunvalson’s side with us.


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