Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Getting Back Together?

Making Up?

A few months ago, we reported that actor Ben Affleck, and his wife Jennifer Garner were splitting up amidst cheating rumors and alleged couples therapy sessions. Now, according to a new report in OK! Magazine, the couple may not be throwing in the towel just yet. Want details?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Getting Back Together?

According to a source who spoke to the magazine, “This whole mess has made Ben realize he doesn’t want to lose his family.”

Ben asked Jen if there was anything he could do to save their marriage,” the insider continued. “The trust isn’t there for her right now, but she left the door open.”

Coming out with their divorce news has been oddly cathartic for them,” another source revealed.

“They’ve been having to hide everything and play nice for what seems like an eternity,” they continued. “Now that it’s all out in the open, they feel more comfortable in each other’s company than they have in a long time.

Still another insider vowed that Ben has “vowed to stop drinking and gambling and be more present. Jen says she’ll believe it when she sees it, but she’s put the divorce on hold for now to give him one last chance.”

The source wrapped with telling OK! that, “She’s hoping they can repair their friendship and trust and that their marriage will follow. She says they love each other too much to give up just yet.”

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