John Karagiorgis

John Karagiorgis Readying New Show Exclusive

A New Project!

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey likely remember John Karagiorgis– AKA “Johnny The Greek”- and his wife, Penny Drossos, who appeared on the fifth season of the show. Now, Karagiorgis is planning a new show that has absolutely nothing to do with Housewives, but is still in the reality realm. Want details?

John Karagiorgis Readying New Show Exclusive

We spoke to Kargiorgis who exclusively told us, “The show I’m working on is called Legend’s Road.”

What’s it about?

Karagiorgis explained, “Different ages of young athletes ranging from middle school to high school training for their upcoming season in different strength and conditioning schools.”

He elaborated that, “Rather than your typical ‘sport show,’ which depicts a panel sitting around a table talking about scores and updates, this show will depict what real young athletes endure when preparing for their upcoming season. It’s a cross between your local sports channels, ESPN, and reality television.”

You’ll see the real life of a young athlete, what they and their parents endure, the stress factor of juggling school and training, and the passion (craziness) of parents,” he added.

How did Karagiorgis get the idea for the show? He told us that, “What gave me the idea was watching my own son and his friends training, as well as watching the parents on the sidelines. They were comparing each others kids, complaining how their kids should get more attention because they’re the best, and the kids themselves battling it out on who’s the best.”

Multiple networks are interested in my show idea and are eagerly waiting for my presentation,” he revealed. “I’m right there behind the scenes and camera watching my vision come to life.”

“This show is going to be another platform for young athletes looking for that national exposure for the big schools,” he added.

It’s going to be action packed, drama filled, and all emotions hit,” he wrapped with telling us.

This definitely sounds like an exciting show that we will definitely want to tune into!

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