Leah Messer Confronts Rumors

Not True!

Being on a reality show, you are generally under a lot of public scrutiny and typically the topic of many rumors in the tabloids. Leah Messer of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is no exception. For example, a rumor recently began that Messer slept with her exCorey Simms, while she and Simms were both married to other people. While Messer has not addressed that rumor, she did take to social media today to address another rumor that has been floating around. What is it?

Leah Messer Confronts Rumors

Messer took to her Twitter to confront the rumor that, after rehab, she had the cops called on her for her daughters not wearing seatbelt.

So is it true?

Not according to Messer, who tweeted, “Just to clarify some rumors .. I have NEVER been stopped by a cop and the girls have ALWAYS had their car seats. #Sad”

Here is a copy of the tweet:

Leah Messer


Messer added quickly after that, “And just like any other kid.. After I strap them in and adjust them they ‘READJUST’ them on their own when I’m driving .. #letsBreal”

Here is a copy of that tweet:

leah messer

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